Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review of GoGo Quinoa's Mushroom and Quinoa Cream Soup

I bought this because I thought i t was going to be one of those quick practical soups, similar to the Knorr or Campbell's ones.

When I read the directions on the package I was already a bit discouraged, since it involved the stove-top (I had bought it online, so I hadn't really read the cooking instructions before buying). When I finally felt like I had some time to cook this, I decided to make it.

The instructions tell you to mix water and milk if you want it to be creamy. I followed the instructions and it was still super runny. Then I read the next step and it said to keep simmering until the consistency was more creamy. I simmered for the length of time they advised and it was still far from creamy (and I used cashew milk, which is by far the creamiest of all milk substitutes).

It turned out very grainy (like when you put too much cocoa powder in your milk and it gets full of little grains because it didn't dissolve properly).

I also didn't like that I had to "stir occasionally". I don't have time for that. For me, cooking is: put something on the stove top and forget it until the timer tells me it's done. I have work to do. I have other house chores to take care of. I can't afford to sit in front of the stove stirring stuff (thats why I rarely make things that are stir-fried).

The soup itself was also very grainy in the sense that it had seeds (I think flax and some others). I was expecting it to be more creamy, like the one from Amy's.

The taste was good though. It even had some carrots, which made for a nice surprise when I did bite one.

But overall, this is not something I'd buy again. It takes too much time and doesn't have a very good consistency. If you are retired or have nothing else to do, sure, give this a try. But if you're a busy professional or mom trying to stay healthy, just go for Amy's soups instead.

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