Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What's in an egg?

After I've started eating healthy, one of the things I do when I crave unhealthy food, is go through its ingredients in my head and ask myself which one am I actually craving.
I will write a more detailed post about this technique in the future.

So I've been craving chewy, moist dough (from cookies or pastry) for the past few days now. After much googling I found out what makes a dough chewy.

And after analysing my craving it seems like my body wants eggs.

So I wanted to see what exactly is in eggs, or why exactly do I want them.

I found this great article explaining what is in an egg - most specifically in an egg yolk. It seems to be mostly fat and vitamins & minerals. The protein seems to be only on the whites. Interesting.
Since I haven't eaten chicken, red meat or dairy in about 2 months, I think it would make sense that I am craving animal fat.

I like the article because it also gives tips on what to look for in egg labels/packages.

Side note: I don't eat paleo, but a lot of my eating habits match paleo. For those who are curious, my diet consists of just avoiding what my CCM Dr. told me to avoid (sweets and foods high in animal fat).