Thursday, November 23, 2017

Review of Daiya's Chive and Onion Cream Cheese-Style Spread

I bought this because it was on sale, as the regular price is a bit expensive. I had tried another flavour before, but not this one.

One of my first impressions is that it tastes great. The taste is very close to Philadelphia Cream Cheese (from what I remember), though my husband said it tastes even better!

I can see the chives, but the taste is not very strong. The onion taste is stronger, but not too strong.
The consistency is also just like the regular Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Of course, the other reason why I bought this is that it has no sugar.
Even though the ingredients list is long, all interests are pronounceable. So I know its not too processed.

Looking at the package I found out that this company is from Vancouver. Yay Canada! One more reason to buy this.

I loved this product and recommend it to anyone who can't or won't have dairy but misses cream cheese.