Thursday, February 16, 2017

Review of Silk's Unsweetened Creamy Cashew Milk - Original

When I first tried this, I loved the taste. It tasted a little bit like those ice cream toppings I used to have as a kid. It is also much creamier than the other milk alternatives (like rice, almond, and even soy milk).

I like that they made this unsweetened version. It helps me to continue eating sugar-free.

The ingredients list is not too bad, but of course could be better ("sunflower lecithin" and "natural flavour" sound like euphemism words for something not so natural and probably not so healthy).

It's nice that it's non-GMO. But would be better if it were organic too.

I have been buying this when it's on sale, and will continue to buy it (when it's on sale and the other items on sale are of the same quality).

I know Silk is no saint when it comes to ingredients, but unfortunately there aren't that many better options at the grocery store.

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