Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review of SOL Cuisine's Original Burger

This has become my favourite vegan burger (mostly because all of the other brands either have refined sugar or carrageenan in the ingredients list).

I love that I can just microwave it and it's done. It's an easy - but healthy - solution for a quick weekday meal. Perfect for a busy professional like me.

It tastes really good. And the taste, quality and size of the patties have stayed consistent with time (unlike some other health foods - more on this later).

I used to be able to find the family pack reasonably easy (and on sale) but I think they only make it in the summer. I try to buy the 4-pack on sale too, since it is still a bit expensive.

For my microwave, I have to use 1:30 minutes instead of the 1 in the instructions - but that isn't too hard to do, and not too far from the instructions.

It's also a Canadian brand, so that's one more good reason to buy from them.

Looking at the package I noticed that it's Non-GMO certified - awesome! It also seems to be Kosher and Halal (the more blessed the better!)
 I really love this product. The only thing that could make this better is if it were Organic. I try to only eat Organic, but I also love burgers. So until I have the time/patience to make burgers myself with my own Organic ingredients (or someone starts selling Organic burgers), this will have to do. For now I will continue buying this product.

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