Thursday, August 16, 2018

Review of SimplyNature's Organic Linguine

I live close to the US border, so I like to go there occasionally to shop. A few months ago I was there and discovered Aldi. I was immediately hooked, because their store brand organic foods are so much cheaper than anywhere else!

I have talked on other posts about how affordable organic food is getting due to store brands. Aldi is taking this to whole new level. Even after the exchange rate, the extra fee my credit card charges for international purchases and the toll on the bridge, it is still cheaper to shop there.

When I first saw this pasta I couldn't believe the price. It is ridiculously cheap! It's almost the same price as regular non-organic pasta. So I bought one to try.

And I wasn't disappointed. The taste is great. It's got a good consistency too (if you cook as indicated in the package). And it's also very easy to cook (like all other pastas).

Here's a picture of a dish I made with it:

(note: reviews for the other organic ingredients (also bought at Aldi) are coming soon!)

And of course I also love it because it has no refined sugar, and the ingredient list is simple:  just organic wheat and water.

My only complaint about this product is that I wish it came in a bigger package - for even more savings! (though its the same as other brands' package size) After I first bought and tried this, I've been buying 4-6 boxes per month. It would be much more practical if I could just buy one big package.

In conclusion, if you live on the US or near the border, I highly recommend this product (and most other organic things at Aldi too - stay tuned for more reviews). It's much more affordable than anything we buy in Canada. And for the Americans, it's a great and affordable way to buy organic.