Friday, April 22, 2016

Review of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer - with Refreshing Coconut Oil

I received a free sample of this product and decided to try it. It is not the kind of product that I usually buy, because I know this brand uses a lot of harmful chemicals.

I tried it after the shower before drying my body, as the instructions directed. The first thing that I noticed is that it does smell nice and sort of natural (which is the appeal of this brand).

But when I looked at the list of ingredients, I was not thrilled.

Searching them in EWG's Skindeep, I noticed that 5 out of its 16 ingredients are classified as Moderate Hazard:
  • CETEARETH-20 - Hazard Level 3
  • METHYLPARABEN - Hazard Level 4
  • PHENOXYETHANOL - Hazard Level 4
  • ETHYLPARABEN - Hazard Level 4
  • SODIUM HYDROXIDE - Hazard Level 3
And one is High Hazard: PARFUM - Hazard Level 8!

Having said that, my skin did feel hydrated, even for several hours after the shower.

Conclusion: the product does deliver on its promise, but at a high price to the consumer's health. I strongly recommend using something else.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Review of "Made Good Granola Bar - Mixed Berry"

Sweet but not too much. More mushy than crunchy. I like it because it has no refined sugar. Can definitely taste some raspberry flavour. Smaller than other bars.