Saturday, October 31, 2015

Easy Healthy Halloween treat

This was the easiest treat I've ever made!
It's delicious, healthy and also very affordable (tip: leave your Halloween shopping to the last minute and you can get some really good deals at Michael's)

What you will need:
- Small plastic treat bags
- Colour bands
- Halloween themed silicone baking moulds
- Ingredients listed here

1) Make the brownies as explained here
2) Put them on the silicone moulds and place in the fridge for several hours, overnight is better
3) When done, remove from the fridge and pop the brownies from the mould over a plate.
Pop the stem first so that it doesn't brake off from the pumpkin. If it does, just gently push it back onto it.
4) Place each pumpkin in a treat bag, making sure they are upright.
5) Finish with the colour band (I would recommend orange to contrast with the dark colour of the brownies). Just 3-4 twists is fine. Twist it just a bit above the pumpkin stem so that it doesn't look squished inside the bag.