Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review of PC Organic's Ancient Grains


This cereal has quickly become one of my favourites.

After I found out that Whole O's now has refined sugar in the ingredients, I went looking for a replacement for my daily cereal.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find this one. In fact, I've been pleasantly surprised to find a lot of organic products from the PC brand. It's made organic food much more affordable.

The fact that the cereal only has whole grains and - more importantly - no refined sugar, was what made me try it.
And after I tried, I loved it!
I have been buying and eating this for months now.

I haven't found any other organic cold cereal that doesn't have refined sugar for sale, so this (and the 7 Reasons flavour) are the only cold cereals I currently buy.

I wish PC would make other organic cereals without sugar. They have a lot of other organic cereals but they unfortunately all have sugar (or its euphemisms). But I'm glad that there are at least 2 that don't have sugar. It's better than nothing.

I am becoming a big fan of PC Organics products.

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