Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Re-review of Whole O's Cereal

On my initial review of this product I mentioned that it didn't have refined sugar. It was the reason why I sang its praises and why I kept buying this cereal - until recently.

One of these days, I was looking at the bigger package of this product (the one that comes in a plastic bag) and I noticed that it had refined sugar. I thought it was odd that the big container had refined sugar and the small one didn't. So I grabbed the box from the shelf and checked the ingredient list - and there it was: sugar (disguised as "granulated sugar cane juice").

So I never bought this product again. It's sad to see that this company sold itself out (to the pressures of sugar producers? or to the pressures of uneducated consumers who are addicted to sugar?) and decided to add refined sugar to this product. This was the only product that I still bought from them (all the other ones already had sugar in the recipe). Now I have no reason to buy anything from them. Goodbye, Nature's Path.

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