Thursday, May 31, 2018

Review of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste

As promised in a previous post, here is the review of a much better alternative for brushing your teeth than Essential Oxygen's Organic Brushing Rinse.

I had had a conversation with a person from Dr. Bronner's on Instagram a few months earlier, asking for a sample of this product in order to review it. They rejected my request (I guess I didn't have enough followers?) So I was a bit reluctant in buying this product - and even more so in writing this review.

But it's so hard to find a toothpaste that is actually healthy (as opposed to all the healthwashed ones out there) and affordable at the same time. Plus, since I have used liquid and bar soaps from this brand before, I know the quality of their products. So I decided to give this toothpaste a try.

The Value

As I mentioned, this toothpaste is on the affordable level, costing just a bit less than Redmond's Earthpaste, and way less than the expensive and weird Organic Brushing Rinse from Essential Oxygen.

Again, comparing it to Essential Oxygen's Organic Brushing Rinse, my first pleasant surprise was the size of the box it came in. And then the second pleasant surprise was the size of the toothpaste tube itself. It's amazing how much bigger it is. It's pretty close to the same size as regular (non-healthy) toothpaste.

When I unscrewed the cap, there was a small aluminium foil protecting the top of the tube. On one hand I find that nice, because you know the product is fresh. But on the other hand, that's not a very eco-friendly material.

After removing the aluminium cap, there was still a plastic film underneath it that was quite hard to remove. That's another material that isn't very eco-friendly. Plus, it makes the process of opening the toothpaste for the first time a bit time consuming.

Looking at the directions, I found it curious that it states the obvious "brush 2x/day" (everyone hears that from their dentist), but doesn't say how much toothpaste to put on the toothbrush - which is unique to each toothpaste, hence an important information to give to your customer.

The Product

The paste itself is great. It has all the elements that my hubby was looking for in a toothpaste (which Redmond's Earthpaste doesn't have):  it looks and tastes like regular (non-healthy) toothpaste, but it is very healthy. (I like Redmond, by the way!)

It foams a little less than regular (non-healthy) toothpaste, but at least it has some foam - unlike Redmond's Earthpaste, which makes no foam.

The colour is white and has that minty taste of regular toothpaste, again unlike Redmond's Earthpaste, which is brown and has (according to my man) "funny taste".

After using it, the mouth mouth feels very fresh and clean, just like regular (non-healthy) toothpaste.


If you have someone fussy in your house, this is a great product. It is healthy, but feels like non-healthy stuff to please the picky people, and most importantly, it is very affordable.

I highly recommend this toothpaste and will continue buying it until I find something else that is equal in features and price.


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