Thursday, March 8, 2018

Review of Essential Oxygen's Organic Brushing Rinse

I bought this product for my husband because he doesn't like the brown colour of Redmond's Earthpaste.

My initial impression was how small the container was. Even though I had bought it on sale, it still felt pretty pricey for such a small tube.

The next step was trying to use it. I'm glad they had directions on the label, because this "toothpaste" is different from all the others we've ever tried. It is actually a liquid, and the way you use it makes it like a mouthwash and toothpaste at the same time - we thought that was unconventional, but cool.

It comes with a seal, which is great. But the directions don't explain that. So remember to remove the seal before trying to pour out the liquid!

The instructions tell you to use 10 millilitres (approximately 1/2 tbsp) for one session of brushing/mouthwashing. It is very useful to keep a 1/2 tbsp measuring spoon with the "toothpaste" so you don't have to guess how much 10 mills is each time. It would have been even better if the "toothpaste" came with a little measurement cup (like some medicines do).

What I immediately noticed is that 10 mills is a lot. My first thought was: this tube won't last long (and I was right). But the 10 mills feels like it's the right amount. It seems like the "toothpaste" wouldn't work if we used less.

Another reason why I bought this is because my husband wanted something that foamed like "normal" toothpaste (which Redmond's Earthpaste doesn't do). To our pleasant surprise, this product foamed just like regular toothpaste (but without the terrible foaming agents - yay!)

It tastes lightly minty but more like hydrogen peroxide water, which is what it's made of anyway. The taste isn't bad, but it's not great either. It's nothing spectacular.

My husband mentioned that after using it, his mouth felt clean, which he didn't feel like with Redmond's Earthpaste. In that sense, this product seems more effective.

This "toothpaste"/mouthwash seems like a good product, but because of the price, we won't be buying it again. There are better options for the same price, as you will find in a future post - stay tuned!


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