Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Case for Biking

I have always loved biking. I have fond memories of learning how to bike as a kid, with my dad putting on the training wheels, then holding the seat behind me and finally, me finding my balance and riding on my own.

After I grew up, I had less time for biking, the air became more polluted, the streets became more violent.

Moving to Canada allowed me to get back to this wonderful physical activity. Here the streets are safe, there are quiet parks everywhere (where you can bike away from the fumes of cars and trucks), and I learned to fit biking into my routine.

When the weather is warm, I try as much as possible to take my bike instead of public transit or cars.

If you are thinking about buying a bike and using it more often, I strongly encourage you to do so. Why? because biking is 3 good things in 1:

When you bike you are:
  1. exercising and staying healthy, happy and healed
  2. saving money by not spending it on gas or transit passes
  3. saving the planet by not producing any kind of emissions whatsoever
So this Summer, think about how you can use your bike (or get one). If there is a trip you need to make that is too far to walk, try taking the bike instead of a car or public transit. As you use your bike more, you will get stronger and will be able to go longer distances on it.

Go bike!

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