Thursday, May 11, 2017

Re-Review of President's Choice Ancient Grains Cereal

A few months ago, I reviewed this cereal by singing its praises. I'd been eating it daily for breakfast for several months (if not years) and loving the crunchy, filling wholesome flavour.

However, a month or so after I published that review, I started noticing that one serving (half a cup) was not satisfying me anymore.I thought maybe it was because I'd been doing more exercises, so my body was asking for more calories.

Then, in the last 2 months, I've noticed that the cereal has gotten lighter, in colour, taste and weight. It does not have that heavy, whole grain taste anymore. I've also noticed that the colour of the cereal itself has progressively gone from a dark brown to light brown. The flock of cereal has also gotten lighter (I can feel that just by holding it between my fingers). The texture has also changed to be much smoother and not full of grains like before. They've made that change slowly and progressively, I think in the hopes that people who eat it every day like me wouldn't notice, but I did.

I'm almost sure they've also decreased the weight in the box (from 475 to 375). I don't have any pictures or old boxes, so I can't state that as a fact.

And the same ingredient and box weight alteration has happened to the other flavour which I would occasionally eat: "7 reasons".

I am quite disappointed. I hate having to re-review products because they changed ingredients for the worst, but it seems to be the trend in the cereal industry (see my other re-review of my previous daily cereal). I'm sad to have to say goodbye to this cereal, which has been my favourite for so long, but there it is.

So I will finish the boxes I have at home, and will start buying another cereal from now on. I see no point in continuing to eat something that doesn't fill me.  When you've been eating only whole grains like me for 3 years, anything short of that (from light brown to completely white bread) feels tasteless and empty - it's like eating air.

Moreover, if I have to eat twice as much for the cereal to fill me, then its price has effectively doubled for me. So I've decided to try something else which I've found might be more nutritious and affordable. Stay tuned to find out what it is!

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