Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review of Kettle Brand's Real Sliced Potatoes

Review of Kettle Brand's Real Sliced Potatoes - Sea Salt

Wow! I haven't had chips that taste so real in a long time!
I think part of the reason is because it's not loaded with spices like most chips, so you can actually taste the potatoes.
It's not loaded with salt like most chips either.
You can see the potato skin still on the chips too, so you know they are real.
The list of ingredients is short and pronounceable (potatoes, oil, salt) - just the way I like it.
Bonus for having them certified GMO free.
The only improvement I would recommend would be using organic potatoes.
Also, there is a great story on the package about the company culture and what they stand for. It's written by an employee who's been with them since their second year (the company was founded in 1982!) And it even lists his email. It shows they are genuine and don't mind if people contact them with questions.
This is the kind of company I want to buy from (and would love to work for too!)

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