Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review of Whole O's Cereal

One of they key components of my diet is the complete lack of refined sugar.
My experience has taught me that finding regular cereal without sugar is almost impossible.
So I was glad to find this cereal for more or less the same price as regular cereal (such as multi grain cheerios).

The multi-grain cheerios doesn't have refined sugar either, but other reason why I avoid it is because it has canola oil (more in that on another post).
Also when I look at the ingredient list for Whole O's, it is simple and without chemical words.

This Whole O's has become my "go to" cold cereal. I buy it whenever it is on sale. I love it because it's sweet but not too much (I think its because of the natural sugar).
I highly recommend it.

Update on January 2016: since I wrote this review (in February of 2015), this product has changed the ingredients list and now contains refined sugar. So I do not recommend it anymore. See the full re-review here.

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